Frenlas Limited Company HYDRAULIC&AIR brake hardwares spare parts manufacturing starts with formulating the rubber row materials to have high quality and performance in our laboratory.


kalıp atölyesi All components of spare parts which will be produced are passed through the computer-aided design stages of our experienced staff in our mold workshop where there is the latest technology CNC and multi-axis vertical machining centers. In our mold workshop,the production is done in accordance with the principle of minimum time criteria and high measurement accuracy.

Sheet Metal Forming Workshop:
saç bükme
Our products are of different sizes and dimensions of sheet metal components in the plastering and forming operations are designed and produced in the sheet metal processing and forming units within our company.


Press Workshop:
pres atölyesi Rubber raw materials are becoming the product in our various tonnages presses which are available in our press workshop in accordance with the principle of necessary heat and time..

Testing Laboratory:
test atölyesi All of our products are continuously checked in accordance with the TSE and ISO 9001-2008 quality standards that we have; by passing the tests of temperature (-50 C / +120 C) and resistance (tensile, elongation, aging, ozone, etc..)in our testing laboratory.

Packing and Shipping Department:
paketleme Our approximately 2000 kinds of different spare parts in our product range are brought into the team and packed in our packing department and stored after making ready for shipment.